Welcome to Digital history lab!

The lab aims at utilizing and developing cutting-edge digital technologies related to both studying and teaching history. It also aims at supporting historians and scientists in other disciplines based on the use of historical evidence and data.

Our vision

The main vision of the Digital History Lab is the co-creation of knowledge by faculty, graduate and undergraduate students from various faculties, universities, and research centers. An aim related to this vision is the cooperation of students from different faculties (and hopefully from different universities) in common projects, under the supervision of colleagues with varying fields of specialty.

Current and future projects

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3D modeling of Historical timespaces

An interactive visualization of a theory in historical dimensions of time (timespaces) and how they coexist simultaneously in any given present.

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Chat GPT in History Teaching

The project utilizes an interactive website with a Chat GPT model, allowing students to engage in conversational learning and enhance their understanding of historical concepts and narratives.

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GIS Mapping, Computational Modelling and History

The project aims at combining historical theory, GIS mapping and computational modeling to study and disseminate the history of Greek communities in nineteenth-century Istanbul.

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